• Day Ten

    Feeling crumby again today…

  • Day Nine

    I finished the swaddling cloths for the grandchild today. After watching a dozen or more videos on how easy a rolled hem presser foot was to use (yeah, right), I gave up and pressed and sewed the hems with my regular foot. The good news is they turned out fine!

    However,the experience (and steam iron burns) have encouraged me to remove reception blankets from the list. Bibs will be revisited at a later date.

    My crumb quilt also progresses nicely. I’m very happy with the way it is looking. A few more good days like today and I’ll be crossing it off the list.

  • Day Eight

    My sewing room has gone crumb crazy!

    Tomorrow I really have to sit down and organize what I’ve done and figure out where to go from here. They sure are pretty tho!

  • Day Seven

    My creative tool of choice today was my seam ripper. Counterintuitive, I know, but sometimes to go forward, you must back up first! I had previously decided I would frame my crumb blocks, but I just didn’t like the way they looked. (Took me 22 blocks to make that decision.) So I put that project on the bottom of the pile and walked away.

    This afternoon I sat down with my seam ripper and removed all the borders. Took me hours, but they are finally all finished. I figure I’ll use the strips in another project, or maybe make crumb block from them.

  • Day Six

    Another day of crumb catching. Dug out the blocks I started last year. I had originally planned to frame each block with white, but I didn’t really like the way they looked…so into a box they went to be dealt with another day.

    I’ll get cozy with my seam ripper tomorrow and take all the borders off.

    My plan now is to sew all the crumb blocks together wily-hilly. I think they will make one big, chaotically beautiful scaptastic top!

  • Day Five

    Another day of crumb catching, though no blocks to share yet. I did start working on a crochet project that’s been waiting in the wings since before Christmas. Now that I’ve made a blanket for everyone in my family that wanted one, I’ve started on one for ME. The yarn looks black in the photo, but it’s actually several nice shades of blue!

  • Day Four

    A slow, not particularly productive day though I did work on some crumb blocks today. As an unrelated aside, I baked the first loaves (cranberry walnut) from my sourdough starter. Not a bad Wednesday.

    crumb blocks in process
    pre-oven cranberry walnut sourdough bread
  • Day Three

    Baby quilt is *FINISHED* and crossed off my list! I feel so accomplished 🙂

    I also finished the burb cloth I wanted to make. This was a sentimental item, an ”inherited” hand towel from my Mom that we used as a burb cloth for both our boys. Believe it or not, this towel was still in rotation in my kitchen towel drawer (40 years later—how sad is that?) I backed it with some cute matching fabric from my stash and officially promoted it from towel to burb cloth!

  • February Progress

    13 – compiled project list, created blog

    14 – baby quilt binding

    15 – binding/label on baby quilt *FINISHED* and burb cloth *FINISHED*

    16 – crumb blocks

    17 – crumb blocks, crocheted blanket

    18 – crumb blocks, crocheted blanket

    19 – crumb blocks, crocheted blanket

    20 – crumb blocks, crocheted blanket

    21 – swaddling cloths *FINISHED*, crumb blocks, crocheted blanket

    22 – crumb blocks, crocheted blanket

    23 – ditto yesterday

    24 – ditto yesterday

    25 – ditto yesterday

    26 – ditto yesterday

    27 – ditto yesterday

    28 – feed sack table runner, crocheted blanket

  • Day Two

    Today I worked on the binding on the baby quilt for my first grandchild, a granddaughter Madeline, due in March. I started this project at quilt camp last September and had it quilted a while ago. Once the binding is finished, I’ll be ready to attach the label and send it in a big box of goodies to California.

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